Water is a valuable commodity. This is particularly true in industry, where having water of a defined quality is a prerequisite for smooth processes. At various different points, water serves as a raw material, a process medium, or as wastewater. On top of this are added the multitude of specific requirements and challenges in every sector.

In terms of industrial water treatment, these factors mean that there can be no one uniform solution that is equally well suited for all sectors. The experienced engineers at new aqua look forward to working with you to realise a filtration system that fits optimally into your existing treatment process.


Beverages industry

The high demand for drinking water and process water makes water treatment a critical cost factor in the beverages industry. The process filters und filter systems from new aqua lay the foundation here for a treatment and recycling system that is as reliable as it is economical.

Pharmaceutical industry

The preparation of production water of the purest quality and sophisticated wastewater streams are typical factors in the pharmaceutical industry. The filter systems from new aqua make a crucial contribution towards satisfying industrial standards and legal requirements.

Chemical industry

The wide-ranging deployment of water as a process medium is an indication of the demands of the chemical industry. The filtration systems from new aqua protect production facilities against microscopic suspended matter and thus combat costly malfunctions or damage.

Paper and pulp industry

Alkalis from wood-pulping and the retrieval of chemicals are specific aspects of paper and pulp production. The filter systems from new aqua guarantee effective separation of residual particles from all liquid process media.


Clients from industry have particularly high demands when it comes to cleaning water that is used for industrial purposes, wastewater and other liquid media. When planning such treatment systems, new aqua will be at your side from the very beginning.

We support you with premium filters and filter systems to give a flow-rate of up to 180 cubic metres per hour and individual facility. What’s more, our experts are happy to advise you in detail on all your questions concerning design and connectivity to other stages of treatment.