Process filters and filter systems from new aqua achieve permanently high filtration performance while demanding the minimum in terms of energy expenditure and maintenance costs. This is possible thanks to a functional principle that is as elegant as it is efficient, but also thanks to careful selection of high-quality components and materials.


The filter drum is the linchpin of our process filter. It is surrounded by a micro-sieve, the properties of which were optimised at great expense. It is made of a honeycomb-shaped, welded polyester fabric that allows high filtration performance, but which is at the same time extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean. Mesh sizes of 40, 60 und 100 μm are available (further sizes possible on request). Thanks to the modular design, every sieve panel in every new aqua filter can be easily reused.


The liquid to be filtered flows into the filter drum without any additional operating pressure. When it leaves the drum, it passes through the micro-sieve, and particles being carried along are separated. At the same time, the automatic self-cleaning guarantees a permanently high filter capacity: some filtrate is sprayed onto the drum via external nozzles, loosens particles from the micro-sieve, and flushes these into a collecting channel in the interior of the drum. The filter continues working, without interruption, throughout.


The filter drum has high-quality NBR seals, and all runners, rollers and bearings are manufactured from high-performance special plastics. The drum chassis and the system housing, with its sound-absorbing cover, are made from electropolished stainless steel. A maintenance-free IEC motor drives the drum by means of a universal worm gear, while an integrated overflow device prevents dry running of the circulation pumps. Filter systems from new aqua naturally satisfy the requirements of the European machinery directive 2006/42/EG